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Bacon & Meat offers bacon gag gifts, and funny bacon products. Our products line features items like the hilarious bacon wallet, edible gummy bacon, bacon band aids, and even a bacon air freshener. ! Feel free to shop around and purchase some bacon gifts for the meat lover in your life!
bacon wallet
Bacon Wallet
The new hilarious bacon wallet is one of the funniest we have seen to date. The bacon wallet is actually the product that inspired us to build a page devoted to bacon and meat. The bacon wallet is a full sized wallet and is sure to draw some strange looks!
$7.84 [ more...]
  T-Bone Meat Shower Curtain
The steak shower curtain can spice up any bathroom, It is a real working Meat Shower Curtain. What will your friends think when they see that you have installed a shower curtain with T-Bone Steaks on it?

$14.99 [more...]
meat shower curtain

T-Bone Band Aids
beef band aids
Cuts come in all sizes some small, while others require something a little more substantial. With this Beef Bandage Assortment you can dress your wounds accordingly with small t-bone bandages and large!
$4.80 [ more... ]
bacon air freshener Bacon Air Freshener

Surprise the carnivore in your life and hang the bacon air freshener on their rear view mirror. Next time they get in their car a sudden craving for bacon will overcome them.

$2.90 [ more... ]
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